Risks of Delayed Servicing

During tough economic times, it is a common temptation to extend the time between servicing on the car in an attempt to save money. This is a false economy that can wind up costing you thousands or even millions of Naira.

Why is regular car servicing important?

Vehicle servicing is carried out to ensure that your car operates reliably and efficiently and is maintained to maximize the life span of the vehicle.

Avoiding any service leads to undue stress on vehicle components which can in turn lead to expensive and inconvenient breakdowns. At the very least, it will result in increased fuel consumption and carbon emissions.



Oil sludge

One of the risks of not carrying out regular servicing on your car is the potential for oil sludge to build up in your engine.

Oil sludge is like a gel that sticks to your engine parts and blocks oil galleries preventing the normal flow of oil throughout the engine. Caused by a breakdown of over-stressed oil in an engine, it has become extremely common in vehicles manufactured from 1997 onwards.

Protecting your family

A mechanical failure on the open road can have devastating consequences, especially if a critical part of the braking, steering or suspension is involved. Regular servicing identifies potentially dangerous wear on the vital steering and braking components in your car.



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